Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Brief description of the development plan

The development methodology I have selected to complete this project is the Extreme Programming methodology. Extreme programming is a methodology encourages the developer to start from the simplest form of the product.

This allows the development to be flexible to future developments and extra functionalities. And extreme Programming favors simple designs, common metaphors, collaboration of users and programmers, frequent verbal communication, and feedback. Since user involvement is a must in this project this will also make it flexible to user requirements and to change accordingly.

The project will undergo 3 meager areas in the development stage. Each stage is a expanded and added functionalities of the previous stage.

Areas developed under the 1st stage:

  • The web server application to distribute information and collect user support and comments
  • The Database to handle client information over the web
  • Basic web crawler functions

Areas developed under the 2nd stage:

  • Web crawler and the database
  • Client software
  • Web server application to do searching

Areas developed under the 3rd stage

  • Web server application to distribute the workload
  • Web server application to distribute the client and collect client data
  • Customizable web crawler