Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brief description of the resources used

Database Server:


· Processor – 2 GHz

· RAM – 2Gb

· Broad Band internet connection of 1Mbs with Static IP


· Oracle 10G

Web Server:


· Shared web hosting of 1Gb Storage

· Static IP

· 1Tb Bandwidth


· PHP 5 with MySQL 4.1

User (Client):


· Processor - 1Ghz with 256MB RAM

· Internet Connection of any kind


· Windows XP SP2 operating system with JRE 1.4 or higher

Development stage software’s:

· Net beans 6.0

· Zend Studio

· Oracle 10G

· Visual Studio 6

Human resources will be used in the testing phase to identify errors and also to make sure that the system is compatible under any working environment. voluntarily participants are very important for this project since this is a distributed system